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Posted July 31, 2018 into Books by John Birmingham

Golden Minute has finally dropped on iBooks. Not sure what the issue was, but having given the Fruit Company exclusive pre-order status, I found myself yesterday staring at a content management panel which said the book was available in 51 countries, when it wasn't showing up anywhere.

Frustrating much?

Anyway, it's up now, and it turns out to have been a bit of a gift because it made me rethink my normal launch sequence. The book hit a bunch of best seller lists without any publicity, and now I have my artillery lined up and pre-sighted to begin a marketing bombardment.


Thanks to eveyne who's bought in so far.

I look forward to your verified reviews.


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she_jedi has opinions thus...

Posted July 31, 2018
Yay! And congratulations on finally setting the Minute free :)

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Bondiboy66 puts forth...

Posted July 31, 2018
I second that! Now then, about that third story.....

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Therbs reckons...

Posted July 31, 2018
Review on its way

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she_jedi reckons...

Posted July 31, 2018
I also just wanted to add that the cover art for the Minute is just brilliant, whatever you're paying your artist it's not enough.

John Birmingham asserts...

Posted July 31, 2018
Quiet you.

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Rob ducks in to say...

Posted August 1, 2018
Only got through the first chapter so far, but I get the feeling you might have planned some camping with your kids and made a dream list of cool stuff you might like to purchase. And then you actually had to go camping and your good lady wife said nah we aren't taking all that.

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Sweet Jane Says is gonna tell you...

Posted August 4, 2018
You're a very busy person but you're staying on top of your game. The publicity and promotion rounds now begin. It will go smoothly with your experience. Enjoy the SciFi cons!

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