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Life on the Line podcast

Posted August 8, 2018 by John Birmingham

I stumbled across this obscure treasure because Alex Lloyd, my former editor at Pan Mac, tweeted it out. As he should, it's his passion project. Alex and the rocksteady LoTL crew have been interviewing Australian veterans and packaging up the results as a podcast: Life on the Line.

The most recent ep, the one which drew me in, was a session with Trooper Mark Donaldson VC. I'd read his book, The Crossroad, a couple of years ago and it went straight to the shelf in my professional library.

The interview is fascinating, and hugely valuable if you're somebody like me who writes about military characters while having conspicuously avoided the inconvenience of military service.

There are seventy-eight interviews so far, with vets both male and female going back to WW2. There are episodes which delve into the Great War, but with no living particpants available, as far as I know, these often involve historians and family members.

It's a great collection, avaiable on iTunes.

Or you can check out the website here.

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jl mumbles...

Posted August 8, 2018
Read Donaldson's story on Wikipedia. It's not every day that a fellow gets the VC. Bad situation.

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she_jedi has opinions thus...

Posted August 9, 2018
I think Richard Fidler interviewed him on Conversations. It was incredible, he was so matter of fact about the utterly horrific things he went through that earned him the VC. Amazing man.

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jl has opinions thus...

Posted August 12, 2018
I looked it up. The very last confirmed WW1 veteran from any country was Florence Green, from the UK. She died at the age of 110 years in 2012. When I was a kid, the Great War veterans were very old. Now they're gone. Kind of like the Civil War veterans when my Grandma was a girl.

The generations come and go, and there is no end to wars. A pity.

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DarrenBloomfield mumbles...

Posted August 31, 2018
downloaded! Thanks JB

If you're looking for a cracking podcast - I recommend "Lost in Larrimah"

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