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Thinking of getting a new keyboard. By... Microsoft

Posted August 30, 2018 into Science and Tech by John Birmingham

Look! It's not that I don't love my Apple Extended keyboard. I do. I really do. But with Dragon borking itself in the last major update I've been typing more often than dictating, and I'm starting to feel it.

Been thinking I should try an ergonomic keyboard and most of the reviews point to this badboy from the orc foundry at Redmond.

It is just about the most un-Apple thing I've ever seen, and I would be mortified were Johnny or Tim ever to find out I'd defiled their virgin USB slots with it's nasty little plug.

But until Dragon releases an unfucked version of its dictation software, I'm in a bind. I have a shit ton of writing to do in the next 12 months and I'd like to finish it without reducing my limbs to withered T-Rex claws.

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insomniac mutters...

Posted August 30, 2018
Don't the bunnies take dictation?

John Birmingham swirls their brandy and claims...

Posted August 30, 2018
TBH it’s not their core skill set.

insomniac is gonna tell you...

Posted August 31, 2018
How many do you have? Assign a word to each one and just start pointing your finger.
(point) Hooper
(point) closed
(point) his
(point) eyes
(point) and

You get the picture.

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Dave W has opinions thus...

Posted August 31, 2018
I use an ergonomic board in my non-fruit laptop. Basically I'd back anything that matches the natural posture of your arms and hands. Mine is a logitech thingy, but all good.

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Murphy_of_Missouri ducks in to say...

Posted August 31, 2018
You need a Razer Blackwidow.

John Birmingham has opinions thus...

Posted August 31, 2018
I'm not launching drone strikes here Murph.

Bondiboy66 puts forth...

Posted August 31, 2018
I think my gaming mad young bloke would like one of those - he has the fancy Razer mouse with about a dozen buttons.

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Rob swirls their brandy and claims...

Posted August 31, 2018
I've got a similar one but its a wireless Logitech , I'd recommend it . good response time and zero lag between the mouse, keyboard an d PC. I don't use a lot of the extra bits, but its photoshop so its mouse and keyboard short cuts. Your white box might get a bit punchy having an agro metal fan of a keyboard ruining its northern Californian vibes though.

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BrianC ducks in to say...

Posted September 3, 2018
Disclaimer - I am a Microsoft Employee

I love that big black stealth wing keyboard for long typing sessions. I probably dont type continiously for as long as you do but I picked up one of them a couple years back when i was upgrading my home office. Its a great KB for the work laptop, but i cant recommend it for gaming.

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