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Your new personal trainer: a Labrador

Posted September 21 by John Birmingham

I've made a couple of changes to try and get rid the weight I stacked on the last year or so. Some obvious, like doing more strength training to build up my core and support that dodgy spinal column. Some less intense, but just as effective. Like walking the dog every day.
I used to walk Sophie for an hour, at least three or four times a week, but over the years as she aged and became less able to handle anything more than a gentle trundle down to the corner and back, I lost that calorie burn without even thinking about it.
Walking Maggie every day the last two weeks, I've been given to remember just how much exercise a younger dog can provide.
I've been taking her out at about five or six in the morning, before wrangling Thomas to school. Mostly we walk down to the river and back, a forty minute round trip that includes a pretty gnarly hill climb. It routinely burns 400 calories according to my Apple Watch.
That's a helluva start to the day. If I do a gym session at lunch I can get that up to eight or nine hundred calories. And a jujitsu class will pile on hundreds more, although I can't measure that directly because I have to take the watch off. With incidental movement through the day, I've been torching somewhere between 1200-1600 kcal a day. With no bakery treats or hot chips to speak of, that's making a difference.
But I reckon it all starts with that dog walk.

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insomniac is gonna tell you...

Posted September 21
Hence fat cats I guess

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Murphy_of_Missouri mutters...

Posted September 22
My iPhone tells me, once I turned on the fitness tracker, that in January I walked an average of two miles a day per week, if I was lucky.

During the summer at my current lifeguard job, I averaged almost five miles a day. Granted, that was twelve miles on some days, and two on others while I recovered. Once I got the Fred the Fitbit Coach, I decided to see if I could stick with those Oceans miles.

So far, I've managed to average five miles a day. Some by walking before class, some after classes, a fair bit on the elliptical trainer at the gym, and a lot by walking Abbie the Boston Rat Terrorist.

Not sure how much luck I'm having with the body weight as yet.

Still on the Outer Marches of Oblivion.

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jason mumbles...

Posted September 24
Had a very dodgy Achilles tendon for a long time. Had to change my gait to reduce stress on the calf and Achilles. Walked my dog for an hour every night concentrating on form and posture. Achilles is now perfect. Sadly my dog (world's best dog) can no longer manage much more than around the block.

John Birmingham would have you know...

Posted September 24
Yeah, my old Lab, Sophie is the same. She can only just make it down the street and back.

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Bondiboy66 mumbles...

Posted September 25
My father used to take the family dog walking when she was still with us, she was a cross German Shepherd/Lab/something. Loved going without a lead, would wait to cross roads, stayed close etc.. Thing is, Dad would walk further than the dog wanted to. When she was tired she'd just up and turn around for home, and be there when Dad got back!

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NBlob puts forth...

Posted September 29
She Who Must Be Obeyed attended a Harvard Business School short course at a converted stately home in England. Included in features were; "Main hall, p,nearly rooms, bar, resturaunt, heated pool, gymnasium, and Rocky & Sandy the Labradors. Please note Labradors are on a strict 1st in booking basis." Guests made a 30 minute appointment with Rocky or Sandy, as one would a masseuse. They then led you around the grounds before retiring to wicker beds on the porch in summer & by the fire in winter.

NBlob would have you know...

Posted September 29

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Rob ducks in to say...

Posted October 2
My older dog has pug-dysplasia so her back legs have started to give out. She wasn't much of a walker to begin with, so when I did take her for walks I would end up walking the lankier pug while carrying my special needs pug. So basically I got a weight lifting session and a walk as I carried a 10 kilo lump'o'pug down the road and back.

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