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Mother of Kittens is coming... #ForTheThrone

Posted November 15 by girlclumsy

Beloved Throners,

Life is full of uncertainties, but for me right now, two things seemed obvious from the start.

1. That I would LOVE Game of Thrones. Like, REALLY LOVE Game of Thrones.

2. That eventually I would make a show about it.

And so, dear Kittens, with thanks to JB for letting me make the announcement here, I am thrilled to announce that 2019 will bring you something I've been beavering away on for months and months:

The full Perth FRINGEWORLD program going live today was another amazingly timed coincidence, coming as it does one day after HBO launched the #ForTheThrone ad campaign and confirmed the final season of our beloved show will start airing in April 2019. So clearly that means there is a limited time I can actually do this show, as most of the focus will be about getting ready for S8, and dealing with the existential crisis that will inevitably follow.

But it'll be funny, or Jon Snow doesn't have washboard abs under all those furs.

Other locations? Stay tuned...

A massive thank you once again to Whisper & Sing Photography for my Mother of Kittens image, and to Jeffries Printing for the graphic design.

For more, you can follow my Game of Thrones Facebook page, OR the Facebook page for my production company Act/React (I know, so many FB pages).

Or if you're in Perth, book now!

Valar Meowgulis, kittens. xoxo.

2 Responses to ‘Mother of Kittens is coming... #ForTheThrone’

she_jedi is gonna tell you...

Posted November 15
Holy cow I just got the Fringe email with the full show list, and was sad that you (apparently) didn't have a show this year. I will book NOW xx

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jl puts forth...

Posted November 16
I have missed this. I'll keep an eye peeled for future installments.

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