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Thinking of flying ten thousand miles for fried chicken

Posted February 15, 2019 by John Birmingham

Tell me I'm wrong. I'm still going.

From The New York Times:

What inspires such loyalty? Long ago, fried chicken eclipsed burgers as Jollibee’s most sought-after offering. The pleasures of Chickenjoy, as it’s called, are immediate: The sheath of skin is as craggy as a thunderhead, crannies and crunch multiplying.

Underneath, the flesh is juicy, with its own generous measure of salt and secret seasonings, if not quite as potent as the skin’s. Online recipe hacks typically deploy garlic and Chinese five-spice to approximate the skin’s fervor. Spicy Chickenjoy is even better, both marinade and breading infiltrated with some form of chile — flagrant but not searing, just enough to jack up the pulse.

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jl mumbles...

Posted February 15, 2019
They need to open one of these in Pittsburgh. Now.

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Matthew F. has opinions thus...

Posted February 15, 2019
"The Pleasures of Chickenjoy" sounds like one of those 70s British fantasy novels with the psychedelic covers and sans-serif cover fonts.

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Murphy_of_Missouri asserts...

Posted February 15, 2019
Silly fool, the only chicken worth flying that far for is Stroud's at Oak Ridge Manor. Ask Boylan.

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Therbs reckons...

Posted February 15, 2019
Fkn hell, now I'm thinking about fried chook for dinner.

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she_jedi swirls their brandy and claims...

Posted February 15, 2019
I've done some research and they're allegedly opening in Australia.... BUT JB apparently they have stores in Vietnam! How could you have missed this on your recent trip?? You've let yourself down, you've let the Burger down...

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FormerlyKnownAsSimon puts forth...

Posted February 18, 2019
On the weekend i discovered the joy of running out of breadcrumbs for fish and needing an alternative . . . . .looking looking looking and finally found a packet of salt and vinegar crisps. Now i will never have breadcrumbs again.

John Birmingham ducks in to say...

Posted February 18, 2019
Holy shit. This opens up a whole universe to me.

Dave W is gonna tell you...

Posted February 20, 2019
Where has this been my whole life?

Saying that, I would have died of a heart attack in my third year of uni..

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