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"Military Lessons Learned from the Battle of Wakanda"

Posted April 2 by John Birmingham

I found this, via Murph, to be very amusing.


To set the stage – Captain Rogers and his host nation ally Black Panther positioned a Wakandan infantry battalion in close order on the plains outside Benin Zana, the capital city of Wakanda. While they were transported to the battlefield by vehicle, these craft were sent away. This dramatically cut down on the tactical mobility of the overall force and forced an engagement at that location. Given the enemy had superior numbers, this complete disregard of manoeuvre was a critical mistake.

It is true that the transport craft were unarmoured and open-topped. If fighting an adversary with strong anti-armour or indirect fire capabilities, sending them away would be reasonable. However, the Thanosian forces lacked this entirely. Their troops were incapable of using ranged weapons, or indeed, higher brain functions. They traveled on foot and bit the opposition to death.

Captain Roger’s disregard for vehicles is perhaps excusable as being on brand for a career light infantry officer. However, his next sin was far more grievous.

You can read the whole thing here at

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WA n'ker is gonna tell you...

Posted April 2
Good analysis. Perhaps too many egotistical super heroes inflicted with hubris?

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HAVOCK21 swirls their brandy and claims...

Posted April 2
Jesus, he missed, chain gun, Claymore, Foo Gas and Cluster bombs. I left out Land Mines cos thats not PC.

OH..BTW if anybody is curious as to why I have popped back on all of a sudden, I am on DETOX from the XBOX COD Black ops...

Therbs ducks in to say...

Posted April 3
Overdone the capping of fkn muppets? That just don't add up.

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jl asserts...

Posted April 3
Too funny.

Especially liked the mention of the dreaded OER as applied to superheroes.

jl puts forth...

Posted April 3
Oh yeah, I should have broken the acronym down- "Officer Evaluation Report."

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Nocturnalist has opinions thus...

Posted April 3
The battle actually made sense to me, because each side had an ulterior motive.

The Wakandans knew that the real game was buying time for Shuri to complete the operation on Vision. The enemy was numerically superior but rather, uh, unsophisticated, so they put on a big show to make sure the attackers' attention stayed focused on them.

On the other hand, they didn't realise Proxima was actually playing the same game, inverted. She knew that Corvus had already infiltrated the city and so a big set-piece battle served her interests as well, for the same reason.

I rather liked the symmetry of that, each side was being pulled into the same trick they thought they were playing on the other.

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Oldy would have you know...

Posted April 4
I know I'm probably alone here, but as a 40+ year fan, I've never hated a movie more. Infinity War was very nearly a franchise-killer for me.

As it is, I've zero interest in Endgame. I guess I'll see it on Blu-Ray sometime...

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Dick reckons...

Posted April 10
Completely off topic, but did you know you had been credited with authoring The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck at The Betoota Advocate?

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Vovchara swirls their brandy and claims...

Posted April 15
The questions I had after watching this particular battle were:
Where are machinegun emplacements?
Where are mortars?
Where is artillery?
Helicopter gunships?
Any kind of ranged weapons? They don't even have bows!! FFS
Why are they using medieval weapons without medieval tactics, losing any kind of formation so soon?

To crash Wakanda you basically need one division of mechanized infantry.

Nocturnalist would have you know...

Posted April 18
Wakanda had had a pretty well-armed military, although apparently not a very large one, their main defence being concealment and discreet agent-level actions outside their own borders where necessary. However that military had just been affected by Killmonger's coup and a lot of its equipment had been destroyed by that fighting, keeping Wakandan armaments out of Killmonger's hands being an explicit goal of the loyalists.

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Vovchara would have you know...

Posted April 24
Really? Where? This is what I saw, Guys with spears. I am sorry, I misspoke, you don't need a mechanized division. A couple of Roman legions would do.

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Vovchara would have you know...

Posted April 24
But even with melee weapons, here is how the battle of Wakanda should have been: Replace Titus Pullo with "Captain America" XD

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