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Sobering afternoon

Posted May 15, 2019 by John Birmingham

I'm prepping for the publicity demands of two books at the moment. ZERO DAY CODE, coming out on Audible, July 4. And THE CRUEL STARS dropping in hardback and ebook later in August.

I've been busy.

I was tweaking the marketing plans for both, going back though my Twitter followers looking for journalists and publications to send samples and freebies.

So many journos have left the industry. So many mastheads have closed down, just in the last couple of years.

And of course there's people like poor Adam Denny, who used to be a regular here, who moved to Alaska to be with a new partner, and down to San Francisco when that didn't work, and who died there, alone. I felt terrible when I came across his Twitter page, and couldnt bring myself to unfollow. It seemed like it would be cruel.

He wasn't the only one who passed. I still follow Sam de Brito and Mark Colvin and a couple of other souls no longer with us. But it was sobering, having seen so many individuals who just sort of dropped out of contact, to then find Adam again, and to wonder how many are gone for good, like him.

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Dirk mumbles...

Posted May 15, 2019
Sometimes the best tend to go first ...

Begs the question: is that hovercraft of yours Podcast enabled?

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Murphy_of_Missouri mumbles...

Posted May 15, 2019
I spent a breakfast with him.

I always thought he'd get the better of the Gods of Fate.

Little did I know.

On the Outer Marches
A guy who teaches history to a few.

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Therbs mumbles...

Posted May 15, 2019
Those names.

I remember Adam mainly for his fanfic. Think he did a couple for the Axis of Time series. Had a link to that old stuff but it got hoovered up.

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Bangar is gonna tell you...

Posted May 15, 2019
Vale Adam

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jl ducks in to say...

Posted May 15, 2019
Met a lot of interesting people over the years, others I can only regret I didn't and can't. A proposal; there should be a 'Burger get-together somewhere at a set time and date. Brisbane is fine, but there needs to be a long lead time for planning purposes.

she_jedi reckons...

Posted May 16, 2019
I'm up for this!

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NBlob has opinions thus...

Posted May 18, 2019
We had a couple of grey, off-label Burger get togethers. I remember one Jen attended via Tele-presence.
Respect to Adam. Adulting is hard.

As for the new Birmo 'Splodey, insert greedy glee emoji.

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