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Writers’ Night Out

Posted May 27, 2019 into Food & Drink by John Birmingham

I was joined by a two fisted, hard hitting crew at the Duke last night for schnitzels and beer (and whiskey). I dips me lid to everyone who dropped in, especially to Bangar who gifted me a bottle of bathtub bourbon. I’m figuring on how to get that bad boy through the security checkpoint this afternoon.

It can be a lonesome trail, writing, and I appreciated the chance to catch up with a bunch of other scribblers outside the confines of a festival where you’re usually getting hauled from one event to the next by some fierce and no-shit-taking publicist.

Props to the Bourbon King, Steve, Dave, Nathan and Luke for the diverting evening.

The schnitty was excellent too.

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Bangar mutters...

Posted May 27, 2019
A very enjoyable evening, it was interesting to have a look into a different work environment. Good luck at security!

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NBlob asserts...

Posted May 27, 2019
Word I heard it was far too rugged a scene for wilting petal Havock.

John Birmingham mumbles...

Posted May 27, 2019
Don't be like that. He had crochet class.

Bangar has opinions thus...

Posted May 27, 2019
Be fair JB, he had a cake to decorate. Missed you H

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Oldy mumbles...

Posted May 27, 2019
Wish I could have made it. One day.

Dave W has opinions thus...

Posted May 28, 2019
We're just holding out for that rare Canberra visit.

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jl has opinions thus...

Posted May 28, 2019
I am so in for something similar when I visit Oz.

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Ceramic swirls their brandy and claims...

Posted June 2, 2019
There is always video conferences. I've done a few lately so have Zoom, Go To Meeting, and Skype.
Could be interesting, even if only if they are an hour.

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