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Frank Grillo is doing some really cool shit for Netflix

Posted July 8 by John Birmingham

I loved his last film about the getaway driver scammed into an underworld shakedown. This looks even better.

(And yes, I'm trying very hard not to post shit on Twiiter and da Book that should really go here. Which means everything).

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w from brisbane mutters...

Posted July 8
Netflix has a budget B grade saturday matinee type alien invasion movie called ‘Beyond Skyline’ starring Frank Grillo that is quite enjoyable.

On the subject of Netflix Sci-Fi, there is a movie on Netflix called ‘Spectral’ with hard-nosed military people fighting supernatural beings. It didn’t get a cinema release because I think it was perceived as crap. It’s a quality entertainment if you like that sort of thing.

John Birmingham swirls their brandy and claims...

Posted July 9
Yeah, seen it. Top shelf B grade. Loved it.

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Thalesian has opinions thus...

Posted July 15
Have you seen ARC on Netflix? It's a one-room 'time resets' movie, which is surprisingly riveting. Each reset has a different twist.
4-stars, would recommend

Thalesian asserts...

Posted July 15
Dammit... ARQ with a Q...

John Birmingham would have you know...

Posted July 16
Yes, it was one of the first Netflix movies I watched. Very much enjoyed it.

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