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Burgertime in Canberra

Posted August 23 by John Birmingham

I’m at the festival tomorrow, doing sessions at lunch time and in the evening. The night time one is a bummer cos it’s 7.30-8.30 so it craters the evening for any catch up.

But I could be talked into a fizzy Herbert before. I’m meeting Abe after the earlier session. If you’re around let me know here or on the twitters.

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Dave W mutters...

Posted August 26
I ambushed JB at the Capital Brewery, I was sunburnt and 5 pints deep at the time. I saw him leaving with his entourage and launched out shouting JB JB JB, it's me, Dave! I hope he didn't mind.

FormerlyKnownAsSimon mumbles...

Posted August 26
bahaha. I'd have to make a bloody long trip to coincide with one of these. Although i do have to go to Brisvegas next week for a work thing . . . but Mon/Tues night conference trips is usually reserved for a beer and a book in some likely pub (those types of nights don't come often). Actually - does anyone have any recommendations for me? Staying on the South Bank. Elgoog shows a place called the tipplers tap is near where i'm staying. Closed Monday (boo).

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