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She’ll be back

Posted September 4 into Movies by John Birmingham

Great profile of Linda Hamilton, aka Sarah Connor from the best of the Terminator movies. She’s back with James Cameron and Arnie for the new one. There's some fascinating stuff about how she turned some pretty shitty moments of her personal life into the completely remade Sarah of the second movie:

What she hadn’t dreamed of was a sequel. Years later, when Cameron contacted her out of the blue to see if she’d commit to “Terminator 2,” Hamilton had only one request: Instead of playing the damsel in distress again, she wanted Sarah to go crazy. “I wrote it to the hilt based on her directive,” Cameron told me.

This version of Sarah Connor, locked away in a psychiatric institution, had war in her eyes and a body trained like a weapon. In order to play her, Hamilton would have to get into staggeringly good shape, since Sarah’s robo-apocalypse training included pull-ups and, eventually, bicep-straining shotgun pumps. There was just one thing: “I was six months pregnant when Jim came to me,” Hamilton said, “and I carry my babies big...

Her then husband left her shortly after the birth of their child. She channeled the rage and fear from that into her role.

Totes worth a read at The New York Times.

4 Responses to ‘She’ll be back’

FormerlyKnownAsSimon mumbles...

Posted September 4
i know the world is never just black&white but is there a douchier move than to dump someone after they give birth to their child?

John Birmingham swirls their brandy and claims...

Posted September 4
No. There is not.

jl puts forth...

Posted September 4
Agreed. Pretty bad.

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she_jedi reckons...

Posted September 5
I'm so excited for this, the Terminator franchise is nothing without Linda Hamilton. Sarah Connor had such an impact on my younger self.

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