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No time to die

Posted December 5 into Movies by John Birmingham

This looks good.

And yes, I'm back. Time for some gratuitous sex and violence.

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jl asserts...

Posted December 5
Nice to see the 'Burger cranking up again!

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Bondiboy66 reckons...

Posted December 5
Bond flick looks good - nice to see the classic Aston Martin back!

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Barnesm swirls their brandy and claims...

Posted December 5
Wasn't that fussed, until I saw Rami Said Malek in it. NOW I'm interested.

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Dave W would have you know...

Posted December 5
I was going to say that it's _always_ time for gratuitous sex and violence. And then I realised that it would make me seem just a bit odd.

Where's Havock to tell us instead? We expect it of him.

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HAVOCK21 mumbles...

Posted December 5
BAAAAAAH FKN BANZAI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BITCHES!

Whats NOT TO FKNB LIKE, BOND ( me or fkn based on me ...rather looosly I might add, cois---I'M FKN BETTER!

WENCHES...TWIN....THATS TWIN! FKN MINI"S ON THE ASTON!..yeah baby come get some, Bond doing donuits,,,well circle work for us real fkn shkips and more bloody British teas at dawn away borders jkilling shit .

Oh yes, the musical score is also something to behold. The picture whilst at times grainy and deliberate for effect culminates in what can only be described as world-class cinematography. No fancy choppers and what not dropping off surfers whilst 18 year s storm the beach the Wagner and such, but non the less, well crafted I must say.

Shall be an EPIC FKN WATCH!

Naut is gonna tell you...

Posted December 6
H, I love your rants and will defend your right to nuke whatever you like from orbit. But when you misspell donut


I accept donut and doughnut but donuit is a crime and cannot go unpunished

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Dirk mutters...

Posted December 6
It's always time for some gratuitous sex and violence, JB.

PS the donuit is a nightly French donut, also known as a Macron, or as Angela Merkel tends to call him, her little French crumpet. But this aside ...

HAVOCK21 swirls their brandy and claims...

Posted December 8
Yeah, Donuit...whats Dirk fkn Said NAUT!

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Dave W mumbles...

Posted December 8
Yes, very much like the 50s-60s look and feel, and then the shift to the present. I'm intrigued.

And the obvious parallel of Bond of the 50s-60s to the present. Quite intrigued.

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