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The secret of regular blogging? Scrambled eggs

Posted December 20 by John Birmingham

For a very long time, I found it difficult to write here. It started when my dad got sick and got worse after he died. Partly it was depression, but even after that cleared I didnt seem able to just login and write. I was too busy trying to rebuild my writing career with ebooks, private columns, and this year with screenwriting.

Every minute spent here was time subtracted from that effort.

And then I found a cafe that opened at 5.30 in the AM.

Climate change helped too. An easy part of fitness routine was walking the hills of Paddington in the morning while Jane cranked out the laps with her swim group. But as this summer turned brutal I just could come at hiking in the heat. I found a cafe nearby that opened super early and took up a regular perch. With an hour to kill it was pleasant to simply noodle around with blog posts. I can't do any deep constructive book writing in cafes. That just doesn't work for me.

But jotting a few thoughts down? Sure. I could do that.

And so here we are. It's really fucking nice to write without deadlines or invoices or marketing plans or any of that shit. Just write, usually after a plate of eggs and maybe some fried halloumi.

Of course that's done terrible damage to my calorie balance for the day, but I've never been productive in the afternoon, so I now just head off to the gym and do my penance then, after logging four or five hours of paid writing.

Not sure how I'll go when the apocalyptic weather backs off and I can go back to morning exercise, but by then I should have my blogging momentum back.

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she_jedi would have you know...

Posted December 20
Look I don't blame you for not being able to write without a cooked breakfast first; maybe that can go in an update to How to be a Writer. But it's such a pleasure to suddenly have oodles of updates on the Burger to consume, I'm not going to argue with how you get there :)

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Rob ducks in to say...

Posted December 21
Ok that's great and the everything but what does ole JB think about the Baby Yoda in the Mandalorian? That's what I demand early morning bacon and eggs thinking time spent on. Or afternoon, either way get on that yoddler train.

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