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Panda charger

Posted January 7 into Science and Tech by John Birmingham

I bought myself a very cheap Qi charger from the Beast of Bezos over Christmas, one of a bunch of drunken purchases that have started to turn up at my PO box.

This thing was about $11 and I had my doubts it would even work.

It works, and surprisingly well. I have a chunky OtterBox case on my iPwn 11. It's thick and ungainly but it provides good drop protection - already tested and verified in the field.

It's so thick and difficult to remove, however, that I'd already decided I wouldn't be trying to crowbar it off everytime I wanted to used a Qi charger. Not a problem, as it turns out. My Chinese Panda friend is powerful enough to send plenty of life giving e-vibes through the case. I guess if its powerful enough for the Ministry of State Security to harvest the keyclicks from all of my bank logins, it can trickle charge a phone thru 5mm of plastic.

I've got it sitting on my desk next to the iMac, plugged into a USB slot around the back. It's not actually wireless charging as some claim. The USB cable puts the lie to that. But it is an oddly compelling use case to have a tiny panda face to drop my phone or airpods onto where they will quietly fill their batteries.

I dont know why it's so much more satisfying than the lightning plug I have on the other side of the desk. But it is.

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Dave W would have you know...

Posted January 7
I got an ikea one. Damn thing doesn't work- which might be due to being my eco-system being robot-based. But I did like the idea if being able to charge the device at the same time as having headphones in the jack, being that there isn't a separate headphone jack.


Why isn't there a solution to _every_single_one_ of my first-world problems?

John Birmingham has opinions thus...

Posted January 7
I was a bit surprised when mine did work, to be honest. I'm not sure why I like it so much - besides the panda face. I think it's the way it allows me to charge without having to think about it or take conscious action. I just set the phone down and it charges. Whereas even taking a moment to plug in the lightning cord seems a grotesque imposition on my very valuable time.

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insomniac has opinions thus...

Posted January 7
As I am an iPhone 7 user

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she_jedi swirls their brandy and claims...

Posted January 8
I lashed out on AirPods a couple of weeks ago because of the inability to charge my effing phone and plug my headphones in at the same time without a stupid arse dongle. Thanks Tim Cook! And bugger me if they are not simply the best headphones i’ve ever had. I bought a pair of Bose wireless sporty headphones a while ago which were quite good, but the AirPods leave them for dead. I find myself super impressed and weirdly annoyed by this all at the same time, but you will have to lever my AirPods from my cold dead hands now. Sigh.

John Birmingham swirls their brandy and claims...

Posted January 8

"AirPods Pro are better."

she_jedi reckons...

Posted January 9
Oh stop it lol

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Barnesm is gonna tell you...

Posted January 10
I, on the other hand, would be disappointed to discover that the device didn't indeed charge pandas.

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