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The Shattered Skies. (Teaser)

Posted January 8 into Writing by John Birmingham

I'm deep into the deadine for the next book in this series. To keep myself honest (and motivated) I might drop the occasional paragraph in here. This is a from an early chapter.

At this distance, the star was a far away point of light, slightly larger, slightly brighter than the thousands of its kin scattered through the local cluster. Solar winds streamed out from the G2 main sequence burner, ionised particles and magnetic fields whipping through the heliosphere, inflating a protective bubble around the local volume, safeguarding the planets within from the harsh radioactive bath of interstellar space. In one sense the volume was small. Just one rocky planet and two gas giants, a modest little neighbourhood that had nonetheless occasioned a savage conflict between two human tribes over their contending claims to that remote and lonely world. In another sense, of course, the measure of three dimensional space both tribes thought of as the local volume was immense; so impossibly vast that the human mind was actually incapable of truly understanding it, having evolved over millions of years to comprehend distance as something measured in the number of steps needed to find food or water in a small patch of forest or savannah. At the very edge of this unimaginably huge, somewhat fluid area of space, in the electromagnetic turbulence of the constantly moving boundary between the bubble of the star’s heliosphere and the radioactive plasma of the interstaller medium, something profound was about to happen. The structure of spacetime itself suddenly flexed and warped before utterly collapsing to vomit up first one, then two human spacecraft.
A tribe had returned to its hunting grounds.

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she_jedi swirls their brandy and claims...

Posted January 9
Oh this is GOOD! I loved The Cruel Stars so much I can’t wait for the sequel.

Unrelated, but I went to watch the new season of the Expanse yesterday, only to discover I hadn’t watched S3. I spent about 10 mins confusedly wondering how the hell I missed an entire season in the switch from Netflix to Amazon Prime, only to realise that now I had TWO seasons to binge. WIN! The reason I bring this up is that it is filling the Cruel Stars universe shaped hole in my life until you’re done writing the Shattered Skies. Just sayin’.

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Barnesm has opinions thus...

Posted January 9
This is certainly stimulating the cerebral juices (esghh!) in anticipation for the next book. Just checked, doesn't appear to be available to pre-order. How will the beast of Bezo's know how awesomely this tome is anticipated if we can't pre-order it yet?

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insomniac asserts...

Posted January 9
Related to your Authors for Firies offer on the twitz, I'd like to see Skomo D'Nyer and P-Turr Dartton punched in the face by someone like B'Ruz B'Chanee and R'Za B'Rati.

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Therbs asserts...

Posted January 9
Now all I want to know is the condition of the occupants of those interstellar craft. That is aside from them being bits of space barf, probably carrot. Are they space barf carrot? if so would a space wabbit eat them?
Can't really see a giant bugs bunny munching on a couple of shiploads of your characters but it would be as funny as fuck.

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