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Yes, pretty cool, kid

Posted January 14 by John Birmingham

I dunno that it's the best short video, but it's pretty good. If only because of all the triggered ashflakes it leaves in its wake.

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Barnesm would have you know...

Posted January 15
That seems fairly straight forward anyone know when we are going to start?

Dave W ducks in to say...

Posted January 15
Oooohhhh, sorry- we spent so long saying that we didn't believe that there was anything wrong in the first place, that it's now too do anything and we're officially going to the "adapt to the new reality" stage.

And, by the way, totally not sorry.


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Rob mutters...

Posted January 27
I feel a bit sorry for Greta. I admire her commitment and ability to create action over something that it is super important. But what happens when she wants to do something else.

I remember being a very 15 year old, very committed, anti vivisectionist, anti nuclear, pacifist anarchist.

Zines, protests, petitions. Groovy hair.

But then I stopped. And did something else. and changed my hair style and stopped being so protesty.

and then as I got older I saw the older commies and anarchists shamelessly use younger people as their foot soldiers, to be arrested and beaten by police, and do stupid shit like commit arson on animal labs, all the while the organisers got themselves cushy jobs in the trade unions and government.

So I hope Greta is Ok, and I also hope if she wants to dye her hair black and follow bands around Europe and have a good time going to metal festivals she can do that too. and that older people don't use her up for their own purposes and she doesn't end up feeling used.

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