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Tradies and deadlines

Posted January 22 by John Birmingham

I've written before about the inevitability of losing fitness when on deadline. It seems unavoidable. Extra hours at the desk. Fewer hours at gym. More snack food.

I'm on a self imposed deadline at the moment. One I'll miss, for sure. I set myself the goal of finishing a first draft of the sequel to The Cruel Stars by next Monday, because on Monday night Jane and I catch a flight to Rome.

I'm okay with missing it. I gave myself a ridiculous deadline to make sure I didn't come home in three weeks to an even more ridiculous deadline. I'll be about 75-80% done with THE SHATTERED SKIES when I down tools on Monday and will polish it off in about a fortnight when I get back.

I'm been smashing out four thousand and five thousand word days the past couple of weeks (the benefits of a tightly plotted narrative outline) but hit a wall today.

Why? There was a tradie in the house. Usually it's electricians or plumbers. They can sniff a deadline a mile away. Today's was a glazier to fix a broken window. He was good guy. Punctual. Efficient. Did the job well. But there is something about having a worker in the house that does my head in. I just can't concentrate.

It was exacerbated by having to deal with some malware that'd snuck onto Thomas's new MacBook Air. A factory reset seemed the easiest way to nuke that gremlin, since the Air is only a couple of weeks old.

Between them they pulled me back from 4-5K all the way down 1800 words.

About to try grind out another thousand before I crash.

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she_jedi swirls their brandy and claims...

Posted January 23
Is it the presence of another person in the house that throws out your routine, rather than a tradie or a stranger specifically? If the kids or Jane are on holidays and mooching around the house does this mess up your deadlines as well, or are you used to them and filter them out?

The killer for me on deadlines (which are all uni assignments at the moment), are my Feline Overlords detecting that a) I appear to be busy and b) appear to be busy doing things that do not involve giving them food or cuddles, and this must be STOPPED so that c) food and cuddles can be distributed accordingly.

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jason asserts...

Posted January 23
The real question here is how did you get an actual Tradie to your house. I thought these were myths. If you say they were on time and reasonably priced i will call you out as a bald faced liar.

insomniac reckons...

Posted January 23
No doubt there's a lot of "Don't you know who I am" going on, and perhaps "If you don't do as I say, I'm going to kill you...(whispers) in my next book".

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Barnesm mumbles...

Posted January 24
I admit I am distracted by wanting to watch them work if it's okay with them. Watching someone who is competent and experienced at a task is very satisfying to my mood.

Dave W has opinions thus...

Posted January 24
And even more satisfying is the beer you get to have for a job vicariously well done.

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Rob has opinions thus...

Posted January 27
Malware on an Apple product? my oh my , how the world has changed....

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